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American Studies Association
2022 Annual Meeting
November 3-6, 2022

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Roof is on Fire

The 2022 Annual Meeting invites strategies that draw our attention to and command a multisensory, multiregister engagement with the world as it is and as we want it to be. Something is broken. Whether or not it can be repaired may not be the right question. This is an homage to the cultures and knowledges too often dismissed or taken. Touch the beat, move without instruction, abandon your isolation. We come together to continue the creation of something else altogether. Read more on this year’s theme.

American Studies Association of Turkey (ASAT)
41st International American Studies Conference
November 16-18, 2022

Hacettepe University, Department of American Culture and Literature


Hosted by:

Hacettepe University
Department of American Culture and Literature
Ankara, Turkey
November 16-18, 2022

For more information about the 2022 theme, proposal guidelines, and deadlines, visit here.