Summer Training

AMER 290 and AMER 390

This is a two-part course that gives students the opportunity to experience work in a non-academic organization and reflect on how the skills they have acquired as American Culture and Literature students may be transferred to a professional setting. Two summer training courses, AMER 290 (Summer Training I) and AMER 390 (Summer Training II), are required for all American Culture and Literature students.

Students may work in any state or private organization, including law firms, newspapers, media organizations, advertisement, charity organizations, and publishing companies.

In the spring semester before your summer training, you need to choose a company you want to intern with, and fill out the student information form. You will submit your student information form and the letter of acceptance from the workplace. You will then pick up your insurance letter from the AMER department secretary.

At the end of the summer training, students will submit a written report, describing their work experience and how they benefited from it. The deadlines will be sent by email.



Prof. E. Lâle Demirtürk
G Building Office 115-A